Random Book Thoughts

“What if.” That’s a question many people ask themselves. I find myself in a rather philosophical mood today, so I would like to ask people what they think of my rather different “what ifs” of the day.

What if, all fictional characters were actual people? What they are ordinary people among us, yet nobody can see their real deeds or experience their stories. They try to tell others, but are brushed away as insane or just a story character.

What if, when they die, in order to completely pass on they want someone to care that they were once alive? They hunger for a chance to be listened to for once. And so they seek out people with a certain gift. They seek out the one person who can listen. The person who can be happy when their characters are happy. One of the few people who can grieve. These few people are known by earth as “authors” and can often be quite eccentric or nerdy. They have the innate ability to listen and relate to these poor souls, and are the only way out.

What if, these characters talk to a “wall” which  represents our world. They whisper, then talk, then shout angrily asking why, why they are not heard? Some scream at the top of their lungs again and again. Begging for just ONE person to actually acknowledge them.The wall listens to them silently. It looms condescendingly, and yet, it does care. But the characters never will know that.

What if, many of these dead don’t want to be published for their own glory, but for others who deserve yet never earned recognition?

What if, when the story is finished they feel complete? They walk onto the next life, and although they will slowly forget every experience they will be comforted by the fact others will never forget. Pages will crumble, but people have memory.

What if, fiction is a word that humans came up with to explain events that our brains rationalize as not real? It’s not that humans are unkind, it’s simply that they will never think past everyday life. They must see to believe.

What if, one day we become a work of fiction? What if we have to beg an author to give the world our life?

~Jewls Kat


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