Recently, a friend of mine tagged me in a post on Facebook. The post was a video about a ‘cuckoo gun’, which was recently restored after 200 years. You can watch the video here; and I would advise doing so, because it really is a beautiful little creation:

As I started watching this video, a strange feeling started to strike me, one that I couldn’t really place. Nostalgia? Sadness? Joy? A combination of all? I still don’t know what it is, but the closest I can come to describing it is by using the word ‘Beauty’. Beauty? A feeling? An emotion? In a way, yes. I mean beauty not just in the physical, but in it’s purest form. Something about the video struck me, made me long for that simple, pure, beauty.

This got me thinking. Why am I longing for this? Isn’t there beauty all around me, in art, in nature, and in the people I love? Why do I feel like I’m missing something, like I’m nostalgic? Has society lost its sense of beauty? The latter is a question I’ve often asked myself, and today I’m asking it again, but more seriously now. And I’ve realised that the answer is ‘only partially.’ We as a society still hold beauty, are still surrounded by beauty. The problem, in my opinion, is that society has started to ‘lower their standards’ of true beauty. The word beautiful is used everywhere, in any context, to describe anything of a highly likeable nature. Now, I’m not saying that people can’t be called beautiful, or that we can’t use the word. The problem I have with this is that we don’t bother to highlight or find beauty in its purest form, in the truest sense of the word. Beauty has lost its meaning, its power.

I miss beauty. I think we all do at our core. Not the beauty of a woman, or the basic beauty of nature, but the simple, pure beauty that we all find in our own personal ways. The beauty that can move us.

Let me know what you think of this. Have you experienced this same feeling? Do you think there’s a better way of putting it? Comment below.

~Nic Evans



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